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Guide: How to Use Referral Program


Learn how to get and activate your extra days using the Referral Program.

Activation Process

Activating your extra days is a simple process. Follow the steps below:

  1. Wait for the trial days to expire.

    MS teams not going away again
  2. After the trial days expire, the "trial days" label in the app will change to "Convert days to Premium." Click on this label or go to the "engine" button and select Referral Program.

    Convert days to Premium
  3. Now, the Referral Program will open.

    Referral Program Interface
  4. Select the number of days you want to use, click on the "Use Days" button, wait for a few seconds, and you are good to go.

Discover Multiple Ways to Earn Extra Premium Days

  • Share Your Email: Get 5 extra days by sharing your email with us.
  • Referral Code on Social Networks: Share your referral code on social networks to receive 5 extra days for both you and the person you invite.
  • Invited by Someone: If you've been invited, click "Click here if you have a referral code" to receive 5 extra days to activate at your convenience.
  • Make a Donation: Support our project and innovation by making a donation, earning you extra days while helping us maintain our website.

Sharing on Social Networks

It's incredibly easy!

  1. Click on the social network of your choice:

    • X/former Twitter: It will open automatically with a pre-made post containing your referral code. Simply post it.

      No more X idle mode Teams
    • Facebook/Instagram: It will generate a pre-made post with your referral code. Copy and paste it to share.

      No more Facebook Instagram away mode Zoom
  2. Once someone uses your code on Neverawayteams, it will activate 5 extra days for both you and them.

How Donations Work

Donations are a crucial part of sustaining our project. They help cover website costs, hosting, and the time spent on development.

Your contribution fuels our innovation and enhances your overall experience. Did you know? Only 1% of our users have contributed so far. Your support, whether through donations or feedback, is more than just financial aid; it's a belief in our vision and a step towards a more private and efficient digital experience.

Choose a plan that suits you:

  • 1€: 1 month of premium
  • 3€: 6 months of premium
  • 5€: 12 months of premium
  • 6€: Premium forever


Thank you for exploring the various ways to enhance your experience with NeverAwayTeams through our Referral Program and Donations. Your engagement is essential in shaping the future of our platform.

By activating extra days through referrals, sharing on social networks, and making contributions, you not only enjoy premium benefits but also play a vital role in supporting our ongoing efforts to provide a private and efficient digital experience for all users.

We appreciate every contribution, be it through sharing, referrals, or donations. Your involvement strengthens our community and helps us continue to innovate and improve.

Remember, every action you take contributes to the growth and sustainability of NeverAwayTeams. Thank you for being a valued part of our journey!