Neverawayteams: Stay Connected, Stay Productive

With Neverawayteams, easily maintain your 'Available' status on Microsoft Teams, New Teams, Zoom, and Skype. Enjoy the freedom to step away from your desk without the worry of showing 'Away'. No more early mornings just to switch on Teams — Neverawayteams ensures you're always connected.

Old V1.34

To ensure the most efficient and up-to-date installation of Neverawayteams, we highly recommend using our Download Assistant. This tool is designed to streamline the process by directly downloading and placing the latest version on your desktop. It's quick, easy, and ensures you always have the newest features and updates. Thank you for choosing our software.

Last app update: 2024-07-09 (V1.35)

Unlock the Power of Neverawayteams Features

Neverawayteams app screenshot - keeping MS Teams active

Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

Start with Neverawayteams easily: download, launch, and stay connected. Tailor your availability with features like Windows startup configuration and Schedule Timer, accessible to all users for enhanced convenience.

Highlighted Neverawayteams feature for 24/7 Teams availability

Stop Blocking Timer

Both Free and Premium Neverawayteams plans include the 'Stop Blocking Time' feature. Set your working hours, for example, '9 hours', and our Anti-Away System keeps you 'available' throughout this period, then automatically shifts to 'away' post-work. It's a simple yet effective way to align your online status with your actual work schedule.

Continuous online presence for Teams

Real-time Information

Stay up-to-date with Neverawayteams. Get real-time updates on your public IP, local weather, breaking news, and monitor your CPU and RAM usage. It's also great for gamers, providing real-time tracking of VPN connections.

Guide on setting up Neverawayteams for constant Teams online status


Neverawayteams enhances your productivity even further with its smart features. Minimize messaging apps upon launch to never miss a mobile notification. The app also intelligently detects ongoing meetings and avoids interruptions by waiting to close messaging apps until the meeting is over.

Ensuring you're always online on MS Team


Unlike other programs, Neverawayteams is unique in how it keeps your computer and apps available without using repetitive patterns. For added security, it changes its name every time you start it, ensuring your privacy.

Latest Neverawayteams update for enhanced MS Teams online time

Automatic Updates to Keep You Ahead

Neverawayteams regularly evolves with updates for the latest features and improvements. Its built-in auto-updater automatically keeps the program current, ensuring users always have the newest enhancements.

Compare Free and Premium Plans

Both Free and Premium plans come with powerful features. Check out the differences and see what suits you the best.

Features Free Premium
Always Online Yes Yes
Stop Blocking Timer Yes Yes
Disable Anti-away System Yes Yes
Undetectable Yes Yes
Schedule Turn ON/OFF No Yes
Network Check (Every Hour) No Yes
Let Monitor/Computer Suspend When Not Needed No Yes
Save Configurations No Yes
Start with Windows No Yes
Meteorology/Forecast (Current Location) No Yes

Your Questions Answered

What is Neverawayteams?
Neverawayteams is a user-friendly Windows application designed to simplify management and improve productivity. It prevents MSTeams/New Teams/Skype/Zoom from going into 'Away' mode and keeps your PC or monitor from going into suspension mode.
How does Neverawayteams make a difference in my life?
Neverawayteams automates your online presence in communication apps. You don't need to wake up early to turn on MSTeams, New Teams, Skype, or Zoom — it does this for you, maintaining your 'online' status and giving you the freedom to step away from your desk.
Is Neverawayteams secure?
Yes, Neverawayteams prioritizes user privacy and security. It operates without a predictable pattern and changes its name on startup, ensuring maximum privacy and security.
Can Neverawayteams work with any version of Windows?
Neverawayteams is compatible with most Windows versions, making it accessible to a broad range of users.
Is there customer support available for Neverawayteams users?
Yes, we offer dedicated customer support to assist with any queries or issues you may encounter with Neverawayteams. Additionally, we continuously evolve and improve our features based on the needs and feedback of our community, ensuring that Neverawayteams meets the real-world requirements of our users.

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